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Art and Animals

By Deborah Fritz, USA

     Deb has been an excellent friend to me for some years now, since she bought a model horse from me on Ebay! Since then, we have exchanged a few model horses, and Deb has made me several sets of excellent model horse tack. Deb is an extremely talented lady, creating realistic model horse tack and she is also a fantastic artist. It was the best gift I had ever received when Deb sent me the above portrait of my Arabian mare.
  Deb has also been trying her hand at painting model horses, and I adore this dun resin. Deb is working on painting china horses for firing at present, and the results are very promising.


This is a set of racing tack Deb made for an OF Breyer traditional horse.


Various tack sets made by Deb - Showjumping set, Dressage saddle, Sidesaddle set.



Super tack set for a Breyer classic Polo Pony custom I did for Milly Huff. The rider is one of my resins, and Deb made his knee boots and mallet.



Another polo set, this time for a traditional resin custom I painted. Deb customised the rider.


   Stunning Cross-country tack set that Deb made for my AA mini resin jumper!! I sculpted the brushing boots onto the legs.


Various fantastic tack sets made by Deb.



This little Diorama is a joint effort between us. I started the Native American Indian board many years ago, on a cardboard base, using many Britains Indian toy items, and custom painting them. The large rock in the background was an Animal Artistry base for a model. I made the fire from matches. I cannot recall who painted the Breyer Stablemate, or made its costume. The two small photos above right are how Deb realistically finished it with some more greenery and a new tee-pee!!


If you are interested in Deb making some Model Horse Tack for you, please email her for prices and availability: